Toasted chickpeas

In the spirit of our south beach-esque eating efforts, I’ve been on the lookout for low-glycemic-index snacks.  I ran across this idea in a blog (unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the original reference for it) and checked out some different approaches.  Here is my way of making oven toasted chickpeas 🙂

1.  Drain a can of chickpeas.  If you have time to let it dry out a bit, they will be even better.  (I’ve heard it’s best to start with dried chickpeas, soak & cook them, and then proceed but canned is what I’ve used so far).

2. Preheat oven to about 350oF. 

3.  Mix the oil and the spice combination of your taste in a bowl, and toss the chickpeas in to coat.

4. Put the chickpeas on a cookie sheet with a non-stick liner and spread them out.  Pop them in the oven.

5.  Stir after 1/2 an hour, and put back in the oven.  When they start to pop their skins you want to keep an eye out so they don’t burn.  I check every 15 min or so after the initial half hour, and keep them in for around an hour.

6. Sprinkle with salt, let cool & enjoy.

They are even better the next day because they get more crunchy!  If you eat them right away they will still be a bit dense.

Some spice combinations I’ve tried include paprika, garlic & salt – delicious!  Indian-inspired spices, like my own version of garam masala (cinnamon, cumin, clove, pepper, cardamom), and SPICY for dh (he probably used paprika & chili powder).  My friend suggested I try wasabi powder so that is next on the list!  I also wonder about incorporating other things in the oil – maybe lemon juice, hot pepper sauce, soy sauce … so many possibilities!  Let me know if you have any suggestions 🙂

I find I really miss the crunch factor of toast and crackers when I’m eating low carb, so this is a real winner for me.



4 thoughts on “Toasted chickpeas

  1. Queenie says:

    I had great hopes for toasted chickpeas, but they came out terribly when I made them. I am thinking that I didn’t toast them long enough, now that I’ve read your “method.” I will have to try again–mine were chewy and awful. Thanks for the info!

  2. DC says:

    Thanks for the recipe! I’m a vegetarian and am always looking for yummy new things to try.

    I just started blogging yesterday (just in time for NaComLeavMo!), so please stop by and say hello if you get a chance. 🙂

  3. rachel says:

    Visiting from NaCommLeavMo,.

    This sounds tasty. I think I’ll try it!

  4. Mrs. Spit says:

    Yep, these sound absolutely amazing. Did you ever try adding things in the oil?

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