I’m afraid I’ve fallen off the path of my truest heart’s desire tonight (that would be healthy living), and have stoked my exhausted self with 2 glasses of red wine and my favourite guilty pleasure – bannock with butter.  Now the whole 1 1/4 cup of white flour gluten is probably congealing somewhere inside.  Not to mention the saturated fats from the butter! Oh well, at least I ate a salad with it.

On the topic of eating veggies – my aunt gave me this amazing cookbook “The World in Your Kitchen” – vegetarian recipes from Africa, Asia, and Latin America for Western kitchens … by Troth Wells.  It has a “supporting fair trade” logo on the cover too.  If you have any interest in these things, may I very highly recommend this book?  Tasty and different recipes for wanna-bes like myself.  I do want to eat vegetarian meals more regularly and I absolutely love the different flavours in the recipes here.  Plus I enjoy reading the “stories” about the recipes.

So, my take on their recipe for Samosas from Malaysia, adapted for our food allergies (no egg, no tree nut, no fish).

phyllo dough (instead of spring roll pastry) – I wonder how rice wrappers would work here for a GF option?

diced potato

mixture of cauliflower, carrots, cabbage – finely chopped


chopped cilantro

grated ginger (I peel my fresh ginger & pop it in the freezer – always ready to microplane!)

onion and garlic, finely chopped

turmeric, garam masala, salt to taste

lemon or lime juice

butter (or oil?)

1.  Boil water in a saucepan and drop in the chopped potato and other vegetables (including peas).

2. Boil until almost cooked – a few minutes – then drain and transfer to bowl.

3. Mix veggies with the cilantro, ginger, onion, garlic, spices,  and lemon or lime juice.

4. Brush a phyllo sheet w/ butter and place another sheet on top of it.  Cut phyllo into strips and brush with butter (or maybe oil – I’m not sure).  Pile some of the veggie filling onto one end.  Fold 1 corner of phyllo over filling so bottom edge meets side edge to form triangle. Flip to keep the same triangle shape, folding across, and continue until you’ve used up the strip.

5. Brush with butter or oil and bake in the oven (maybe 350oF for about 20 min?) until samosas are golden brown.  Serve with a soy sauce or wedges of lemon or lime.

You can add some green chili into the onion/garlic stage if you like a bit of extra spice. You can also deep fry the samosas.

Such a wonderful way to get in the veggies – especially cabbage. I’m always looking for good ways to include cabbage!


4 thoughts on “Samosas

  1. DC says:

    That cookbook sounds awesome! I’m a vegetarian and am always looking for good veggie recipes, so I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  2. loribeth says:

    OK, I’ve just ahd breakfast & you’re making me hungry again…! lol

  3. Alyson says:

    Sounds delicious. My retired hubby does most of the cooking now and is very adventurous so this would be something good to try. Thanks!

    Alyson LID 01/27/06 IA China

  4. SAHW says:


    I’m returning your visit (thanks for dropping by, and thank you for your thoughtful comments!), but after reading this, I can’t think of any thoughtful comment to return, because now all I can think of is how hungry I am and how empty the fridge is, lol.

    I discovered that the step of buttering/oiling in between the layers could be omitted, and this actually leads to a nice crispy effect – because authentic samosas are deep-friend after all. 😉 I did this to save calories but found I actually liked the effect.

    Looking forward to reading more from you soon. 🙂

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