Bowing out of NCLM …

Hmmm – so much for NCLM … I have bottomed out!  With 2 short-notice trips, including one this past weekend, I am hopelessly behind and just conceeding defeat.  However it is wonderful to have met some great people that I hope to keep up with, and if Mel keeps the list up perhpas I will get to visit everyone in a month or so.  It is amazing how the internet can help us get to know one another.


3 thoughts on “Bowing out of NCLM …

  1. SAHW says:

    I think very few made it all the way through…:) I think switching to one week per month will make it much more manageable, and we’ll still have all the benefits of getting to know so many people.

    Thanks for your comments. 🙂 Yes, there are some terminology and other differences that I’m still unsure of. And lol about the shortcake…I guess it’s just my husband and his relative non-exposure to food outside of his own culture…:)

  2. loribeth says:

    Yep, me too… started out strong but the last week or two have slacked off! Oh well, it was great to try, & to have new people visiting!

  3. I know. I love the online community. I feel like I have a whole group of imaginary friends!!! Who actually communicate. It’s like a secret I have. I love the people I have been reading about and who have left comments on my blog. It has made me feel not so alone.

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