Dead Sexy?

Don’t you love it when the thrill of hmm – lust, desire, interest? takes you by surprise? 

I enjoy folding laundry and watching TV – it’s almost the only time I do watch TV.  Sometimes I go for a Rachael Ray cooking show, or an episode of Nova (the Megavolcano episode was great!) Recently I’m hooked on “The Naked Archaeologist” – he explores stories from the Bible by delving into archaeological sites, interviews w/ archaeologists, historians or scientists that are expert in that age or area.  It’s all interspersed with movie and TV clips and told with a great sense of humour.

While I find him very interesting and knowledgeable and I admire the work he does, that little flare of “oooo!” didn’t really come up – until the episode I watched yesterday.  In it he ends up going back to the original Hebrew of the particular story we’re exploring, and he reads it.  WELL!  I always thought he had rather a nice voice/accent … but listening to him read the Hebrew was a delightful jolt, completely unexpected.

I’ll admit I have a thing for men and foreign languages.  (DH can speak at least 2 languages that I don’t understand 😉 )  And the things I find sexy about men aren’t usually the obvious things.  One of first the “thrills” that came my way for DH was when we were driving somewhere and I happened to look at his hands on the steering wheel.  For some reason that sent a flame through me.  This isn’t to say I can’t appreciate more obvious characteristics, but the subtle ones tend to thrill me more, perhaps because they are unexpected.

Now I will be watching this show with renewed interest, hoping that once again Simcha Jacobovici will read Hebrew 🙂

(incidentally, his work is not without controversy – I don’t mean that I agree with everything he says.  But I can still enjoy the voice he says it with!)

I’d love to know if others can relate to this, and to hear what takes them by surprise to give that shot of bliss …



3 thoughts on “Dead Sexy?

  1. SAHW says:

    That’s so interesting…b/c one of the very first things that I found sexy about my DH is seeing him use one hand to turn the steering wheel – using the bottom part of his palm to push it and guide it. I have no idea why I find it so attractive, but 3 years later I still do! I guess that “thrill” isn’t as strong, but even now, if I see him doing that and I wasn’t expecting it, I do feel a little “thrill.” 🙂

  2. Portraits in Sepia says:

    Oh, I totally get the hands on the steering wheel thing. I agree that the things I find sexy in a man are not the obvious things. I find a lot of men attractive that are not traditionally considered good looking or handsome. They are usually men I have come to know one way or another and something about them..their personality, kindness, intelligence or sense of humor made them handsome and sexy in my eyes.

  3. I love, love, love seeing my hubby’s arms! He laughs whenever I say, “show me your arms”. 🙂

    And for some reason a man that smells good is instantly attractive to me. He can even look like Shrek, but if he has some good smellin’ cologne on, I’m melted chocolate!


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