A Happy Anniversary

Life has been so busy lately – but I think we are finally calming down a bit.  Between taking a little holiday, hosting a party at our house (involving drastic tidy up, clean up, and relocating furniture into the night right beforehand, with rain in the weather forecast), catching colds, doctor appointments, etc. – well, my blogging & reading has suffered.  

However, I did want to say what a lovely time DH & I had for our anniversary the other night!  We spent the actual day at home (though we are going out for a romantic dinner on the weekend).  DH planned out a wonderful evening.  I was busy finishing up a few things upstairs until he was ready for me to come down.  Here are some of the things that made it so special.

– a card with a letter that brought tears to my eyes and a huge smile on my face.  DH often finds it easier to express emotional things in writing.  I will treasure this card always.  (I thought it was taking him such a long time to drop off dry-cleaning.  I bet he was in the coffee shop writing in this card instead!)

– candles all over in our kitchen/family room area of the house.  I love candles!

– an order-in dinner with sentimental value … on our 2nd anniversary we had just gotten possession of our first house, so we picked up Chinese food and had our anniversary dinner sitting on the floor – with a bottle of wine saved from our wedding – and a bit of the top cake layer which had been frozen.  We don’t have Chinese food often so it has a connection for me.

– music which also has significance to us.  Johnny Clegg & Savuka “Cruel Crazy Beautiful World” – from our courting days.  Steven Curtis Chapman “Greatest Hits” – our wedding song is on this album.  Vivaldi “The Four Seasons,” played by Nigel Kennedy.  He is an amazing violinist that DH discovered before we were married, and that’s the music we played for our wedding meal.

– dancing to our wedding song “I Will be Here for You” by Steven Curtis Chapman

– a lovely gift which makes me feel beautiful & special

– a massage by candle light.  Years ago DH & I took a massage class together – something I would highly recommend!  We both enjoy the relaxation a massage can bring.  While professionals are great I actually prefer DH – probably because I’m just more relaxed with him anyway.  We even invested in an adjustable massage table since I am short & DH is tall, and we don’t want one person getting injured while massaging the other. Another benefit of massage is it can lead to pure relaxation and sleep, or it can go in other directions 😉 

– watching the Olympics (too) late into the night, snuggled up on the couch.  Although Canada hasn’t won any medals yet … I enjoy watching these amazing athletes.  Michael Phelps is something else, and gymnastics is always a favourite.  Unfortunately it’s adding up to some sleep deprivation!

In other news, we are still waiting for good news on the job front (DH’s fortune cookie just said something about “relax and be happy” while mine said “success is heading your way.”  Hmmm).  I am still confident that something will come our way – I just hope it will be soon.


3 thoughts on “A Happy Anniversary

  1. SAHW says:

    It sounds like you had a lovely anniversary. You didn’t mention which anniversary this is, I’m curious. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your protocols with me…perhaps I’ll mention this to the doctor when I go in next, but like you said, if injectables will get things going faster, that’s probably the route we’ll be taking.

  2. SAHW says:

    That’s how old we were when we got married! Well, DH had just turned 26. 13 years…that’s awesome! 🙂

  3. Kate says:

    Your anniversary sounds wonderful, and your husband sounds like quite a wonderful guy. Congratulations!

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