Checking back in (I hope)

(NOTE: children mentioned)

It feels like ages since I’ve posted.  Many virtual posts have been written in my mind, but this is the first time in weeks I’ve actually sat down to write!

As a quick update on us – still no job for DH.  There is an interesting lead for a job he’d like – it would involve a cut in pay and in position, but if he’s interested I think it could be a good move.  I don’t know yet if it would be lower stress, more flexible time, etc.  I am looking at a shift in career, which involves upgrading of language skills (French) and possibly a couple of courses.  I am not 100% sure this is the way we’ll go, but it is an exciting possibility.

DS (4 yo) started junior kindergarten – full day, every day.  It has been exhausting working through his food allergy & asthma issues with the school, but I am so VERY happy with how they approach all of this.  I don’t mind doing the extra work they ask me to do, if it will keep him safe.  So far he adores his teacher and is absolutely loving his class.  On the difficult side, there has been a surge in independence & testing the boundaries.  This is entirely normal, and in fact healthy, but can still be very frustrating to deal with!  Also we need to find a new rhythm or set of routines to help us cope, and we haven’t quite settled yet.  On the medical front there seems to be something going on with DS’s stomach – it is hurting him at odd times, and started a month before school began, so I don’t think it’s stress.  The doc isn’t quite sure either.  It seems to have begun after a course of antibiotics so we are trying probiotics to see if that will help.

DD (2 yo) misses her brother very much – which is very sweet on the one hand.  But then, she also is going through a stage of stubborn independence that is a challenge.  (repeat the earlier sentence about this all being normal & healthy).

It’s been 8 months of unemployment (thankfully with a severence, but that was for 7 months) and the stress is getting to us a bit.  I am so hoping & praying for something to come our way.  Also DH’s doctor is insisting he come in since his blood lipids are “very elevated.”  I googled it and of course – stress can raise the lipid levels in the blood.  Thank goodness we have a vigilant & caring doctor.  But I hope we/he can manage this without having to take medications.  If he needs them, he needs them.  I am nervous of statin drugs (bad side effects for my grandpa & dad) and dh is only 38.  There’s no research that I know of the effects of taking these meds for 50+ years!  Still, if he’s in high risk for stroke territory, better to take the drugs than not (I guess)?

So we are still living in the hotel room at Stress Central – though at least we have interesting diversions like the Canadian election (ok, not so interesting) and the election of our neighbour to the south, the USA (much more interesting election!)


3 thoughts on “Checking back in (I hope)

  1. Michelle says:

    Thank you for your kind comment, and I’m glad that your son’s adjustment is going well (and safely) at school!! I would love to see any and all tried and true recipes. I’m not much of a baker, but the baked goods she can eat are soooo expensive, I’m trying to become one.

  2. loribeth says:

    Good to hear from you, Andie. I hope the stress lets up for your family soon!

  3. Welcome back! It’s good to read your blog again.
    I do hope DH finds a job soon. I can imagine the stress.
    Take care!

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