My brilliant Mother-in-Law rescues a cell phone

I am fortunate that MIL and I have a really good relationship.  We have our differences of approach and differences of opinion, but I think we can really appreciate each other and add to each others’ lives.  We also live a good few hours car drive apart, which may contribute to overall harmony 🙂  (DH & I are several hours away from my parents too, so we have a degree of independence from both families, but are still able to stay connected).

Anyway I am frequently impressed by the solutions MIL finds to issues that come up.  This particularly brilliant solution came about after SIL machine-washed her cell phone.  As she was lamenting its useless state, MIL suggested burying it in a bag of rice.  Hey presto, the next day it was working!  

If only I’d known this – or been able to think of it myself – before my friend’s cell phone went in the toilet … (it was in her pocket and as she assumed the position it fell in!)


3 thoughts on “My brilliant Mother-in-Law rescues a cell phone

  1. Amy says:

    Wow. Rice is a freaking miracle grain. I use it for moist heat on sore muscles (ever made a rice sock?) and in so many recipes, but I NEVER would have come up with this idea. That’s one clever lady.

  2. Sam says:

    rice!? Wow, and it worked? I am really impressed with that!

  3. I am amazed. How did it work? I love your attitude towards your mother in law too.

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