Decision: to sell our house!

Dh and I have taken the decision to sell our house.  It’s something we hadn’t talked about for a long time, but it makes a lot of sense now that we have moved into acceptance of our current situation – that is, need to survive on a teacher’s salary while DH gets his business up and running.  While teachers make a decent salary (at least, in Ontario), it is not something that will bring riches.  However I am quite thankful for the security that it provides!  Anyway, our current home was purchased with a higher income and it is difficult for us to float in our current situation.

I thought it would feel depressing, like a defeat and sadness to take this step “backward” in our lives.  But – much to my surprise – it is actually quite freeing.  Dh and I both feel positive and energized about it.  I do dread the pile of work ahead of us though – we need to get rid of probably half our belongings, not to mention doing lots of touch-ups and some renos around the house.  The quotes from real estate agents are better than we expected, so that is motivating.  Hopefully we’ll hit the market around mid-September.  Once we sell (notice the positive thinking) we’ll know how much $$ we have to make our next move.  We’ve talked about buying a fixer-upper kind of house (since DH has the skills, and is willing to use some of his time to improve a place while also working at his new business).  We’ve also discussed something where we could rent out – ie. a duplex where we could rent out one side, or a place with an apartment.   But, plenty of time for that once we’ve made it through the next steps.

I hope this sense of energy and happiness means that we are moving in the right direction.  Since school ended, I have not done so well at keeping to a routine including regular prayer … however I have not had coffee for 3 days, so I am slowly working on getting to a better place.


One thought on “Decision: to sell our house!

  1. the misfit says:

    If you feel peaceful about your decision, then you know it was the right one. Love the idea of buying a fixer! Will want to see pictures!

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