Dream interpretation

I had an odd dream about a week ago. I am somewhere outside, I think, and a girl I don’t know comes up to me. She’s about 16, with long pale blond hair and dark eyes. She looks at me and says “By Christmas, you will have an Asian baby.”

Now, I am not pregnant, and neither my hubby or I are Asian, we are not in the process of adopting, and anyway it didn’t feel like a “predictive” kind of dream. (I have had a number of those, mostly for really strange stuff, not earth-shaking life events. But they “feel” different to me and they are never very long, just a few moments). So I have wondered about this dream. I do think dreams reflect something, and I have had dreams that gave me deja-vu experience. I mean, I wake up from them and think “that is so strange!” and I note down the details. (ex. a dream of me sitting in front of a mirror, propping my mouth open, about to squirt something in from a syringe. A few months later – family road trip up to Northern Ontario, and I’ve had my wisdom teeth out recently. I sit cross-legged in front of the mirror in the orange bathroom at the restaurant, fill my syringe with water to squirt out the holes where my wisdoms used to be and bam! everything falls into place, just like the dream).

I don’t know how much credence I give to dream interpretation. I wouldn’t say I think it’s ridiculous, but I also wouldn’t say I hang everything on these dreams either. My mom has had some significant dreams – she knew that she would lose her first pregnancy based on a dream that occurred before the miscarriage, for example.

So I was thinking, what could this mean? Maybe nothing. But maybe, it means a new life will begin for us, and I will be happy about it, but it won’t be quite what I am expecting or imagining. My mom thinks it may mean that dh gets a job in China! Yikes that would be a huge change. I’m not sure I could cope with that.

But, I still continue to daydream as we work furiously to finish the house. current progress: all the carpet & some of the lino from the main level has been ripped out, leaving us with our kitchen (cork floors – love, love, love them!) and the lino in the bathroom and laundry room. Everything is off the walls. Patching, sanding, and painting has been done for all the rooms except the kitchen and laundry room. Windows must be washed and then the trim painted. Flooring people are to come in and install hardwood on the main level, carpeting on the stairs. Progress is being made!


3 thoughts on “Dream interpretation

  1. the misfit says:

    That one’s a doozy. Have you been CONSIDERING entering the adoption process? That’s really the only possibility I can think of. I mean, other than maybe babysitting, but that seems like sort of a cheap trick :).

  2. jo says:

    I’ve had a couple of deja-vu moments where I’ve known that I’ve dreamed that event/place before. I’ve also had that predictive dream about losing my baby — I dreamt of my miscarriage just a few days before it actually happened. So, I definitely place some value on our subconscious and its ability to “know” things before our consciousness does.

    Did she specify WHAT Christmas? I have known of a few bloggers who have just barely started the adoption process and been matched within days/weeks. It definitely COULD happen….


  3. Well, a baby in a dream has to do with a change in your life or taking on a new project. That seems to fit very well with your fixing up the house.

    Ask yourself what “Asian” means to you.

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