A kid-ful post

Some days, we just have to tuck humility away and admit we are rock stars 😉

On Friday we hosted a sleepover and had in total, 7 children between the ages of 3 and 6. And we survived. Everyone got at least 8 hours of sleep (not enough for some, but still it is sleep) and had a good time.

Did I mention 3 of the 7 kids have food allergies? Oh yeah, we kicked butt!

Activities included eating (one of my favourite things to do) – I made dairy-free caramel popcorn, the kids made their own pizzas (so preferences and allergies could be accomodated), we had a terrific fruit platter (courtesy of one of the families), and dairy-free muffins for breakfast hte next day (courtesy of the family with the dairy-allergic child). We watched some of the classic Christmas movies – Frosty and Santa Claus is coming to town (a bit scary for one little one). We did crafts (supplied by the other family), played duck duck goose, musical chairs, and I spy. The kids drew on large pieces of paper, built with lego, and made a castle with every cushion available. Mermaids and mermen swam in the moat, but unfortunately sharks attacked and flooded the castle, whereupon the merfolk had to swim for it.

It was definitely busy, busy, busy. But I feel so honoured and privileged to be a significant adult in the lives of these amazing kids. Part of hte reason we planned this sleepover was – it’s something we can do to thank our friends who have been so amazingly good to us – offering moral, emotional and all-round friend support; helping with moving stuff to the storage locker; giving us home made food we can put in the freezer for when we need to pull out dinner, making extra baked goods that are safe for us (allergies to nuts, eggs, fish) … showing up at our house to weed, plant, and arrange planters and mini-pumpkins on the front porch to “stage” our house right before we had showings … unbelievable, amazing, wonderful people. As we are under many stresses now, I don’t feel there’s a lot we can do to show how much we appreciate it all, but hosting a sleepover so that the parents can have a night out on the town (for one couple) or some quiet time with their new babies (for the other two couples) – that’s something we can do. but another big motivator – just having this time to spend with these small but important people at this point in their growing up.

Another special treat for me was watching DH in action. As DH is the oldest of 8 kids, he is very comfortable with children – how to appeal to their senses of humour and how to play with them. It was such a delight to watch him enthral the crowd of kids and have them howling with laughter.

So, everyone survived. I hope the kids weren’t too cranky and annoying from being overtired when they went home (maybe that wasn’t such a favour to do the families??) We are still trying to catch up on our sleep, however …


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