Advent Prayer Buddy Reveal!

I have been looking forward to this post – anxiously watching to see how others are doing their “reveal” as this is my first time being a prayer buddy.

I was happy to be matched up with Awaiting a Child of God:

as I had checked her blog a few times so I knew a bit about her journey! At the beginning of Advent she had just had a surgery so I was praying for her healing, for her hopes of pgcy and for her dh and family. I was also praying for God’s spirit to guide her doctors, nurses and other medical caregivers.

Her next post showed how some wonderful co-operation was occuring between her IF doc and the doc close to home, so I was really happy to think that perhaps my prayers had been helpful! I also had the chance to see her lovely Christmas tree and to appreciate that she enjoys Christmas as I do šŸ™‚

It’s been wonderful getting to know her and I am praying wonderful things for her in the year to come!

Thank you JBTC for setting up the prayer buddies.


One thought on “Advent Prayer Buddy Reveal!

  1. Thank you again for all your prayers. In looking back, I realize what a wonderful Advent of healing I had. Not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally. I was curious to know who was out there praying for me:) I gave up asking for specifics in my own prayers, in dealing with infertility and desire for a baby, and decided to focus on the story of the birth of Christ this Christmas. I appreciate you taking those prayers up and praying them for me. I wish I could hug your neck:)


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