What to do for Advent

So, I was wondering in my last post what I should do in this time of preparation.  I usually do something similar to Lent.  Two people I spoke with today were surprised about this, so maybe I’m not really supposed to do this for Advent?

Anyway as I was praying over it last night, I read the upcoming gospel reading for this Sunday.  It was the part that introduces John the Baptist (from Mark, I think).  It came to me that I shouldn’t be thinking so much about what I should do to improve myself, or to improve my ability to function in the various roles I have right now … but instead to ask God to show me how to prepare for this Christmas.  The question I am praying with right now is something along the lines of – Lord, how should I prepare myself to welcome you into my life this Christmas, in whatever way you want to reveal yourself to me?

After all, the Lord reveals himself in many surprising ways, and many ways that are easy to miss or misinterpret.  

So far, I haven’t really felt a ‘push’ to anything in particular.  For the moment, I am abstaining from my usual glass of red wine at night (I know already there are a few occasions where I will indulge …), and continuing my prayer routines.  I hope to get to know the Lord in whatever way He has in store for me this Christmas season.  🙂

Meanwhile, I am praying for those in my life who are facing ‘the desert’ – difficult, sad, dry times – whether being single when feeling the call to marriage; struggling with IF; dealing with career and financial pain; health issues (including depression, etc); illness of children – the suffering that I and my loved ones face – and I am praying for joy amid the suffering.



2 thoughts on “What to do for Advent

  1. JellyBelly says:

    Your post got me thinking! I don’t feel particularly called to do anything in particular, but I have been praying so much more (especially since I’ve been home and in bed or on the couch). I’m usually so caught up in preparations that I forget what Advent is truly about! Hopefully not this year!

  2. CM says:

    I usually know what I want to do for Lent, but Advent is harder. I’m having a hard time making myself do some of the prayers that I had planned to do. Your prayer intentions are awesome, but maybe I just think that because mine are much the same this Advent! 🙂

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