Dear prayer buddy ….

Hello prayer buddy,

I am trying to make a change in how I do things and I would appreciate your prayer support! I believe that I am meant to be teaching right where I am at this point in time – while there are many challenges, I have an amazing admin team, great colleagues, and mostly good-hearted students. (Unfortunately many are really struggling with challenges, from difficult custody arrangements to medical issues that really affect their behaviour and ability to learn and do their best, etc. Some days drain the energy away and are very frustrating!). While I believe that God has brought me to this place, I really struggle with keeping even vaguely on top of the marking. I do pretty well at being prepared but I am so upset with myself in terms of how I am just not getting feedback to kids as I should be.

I am going to try getting up earlier, getting to school earlier, and leaving school earlier – with the thought that when I walk in the door at home, I will sit down and do half an hour to an hour’s work in marking. Then I can make supper and do everything else that needs to be done, including my prep for the next day, prepping lunch, etc. I will then have to get to bed earlier (a challenge for me – I am a night owl) so that I can get out in time in the morning.

Please think of me as I try to put myself in God’s hands for this change, for my own health and sanity and my students. I hope this is the solution that will work for all of us.

Thank you!


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