Sick, but not down

I have a stuffy head, runny nose, cough and am tired – but – I am no longer ‘down’ as I was before. AF has duly arrived so I guess it was just the hormonal storm this month. Sometimes it really affects me, other times I hardly notice it.

Prayer buddy, I know it’s a small thing, but if you could pray for me that I get over this cold quickly I would really appreciate it! I don’t want to take any more sick days from work as I have had to take a few already this fall, and I have a project going with the grade 5 class that I want to complete before the holidays and I can’t leave it with a supply teacher (it involves using hand saws, glue guns, etc).

Meanwhile I have a few posts in mind, but bed is calling me so I will hope to post soon.



One thought on “Sick, but not down

  1. JellyBelly says:

    Feel better soon! I can appreciate the pressures of being sick and having a crazy school project that you can’t leave!

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