Prayer Buddy Reveal: Isaiah55!

I have had the privilege of praying for our fellow blogger at . She sounds like she rocks the Christmas cookies! Below is the message I sent to her, as I had a deep experience at midnight mass I would like to share.

I invite you all to pray for her and her DH, all of my friends and family who are struggling with health issues and IF, and also to pray for my friends who are single and whose hearts are longing for marriage. I also have many whom I love that do not believe in God, so if you would pray for them too that would be wonderful.

Merry Christmas to all of my readers! I pray your hearts will be filled with love, peace and joy in this blessed season.

Dear PB,

I’ve been looking in on your blog and am so happy to have the chance to get to know you. All through Advent, I have been praying for you and your DH, as you seek out a way to be parents. My commute to work has been an especially good time to pray for you both, as well as prayers before I go to bed and my evening blog time.

I wanted to share with you the prayer that came to my heart during Christmas midnight mass (I just got home). I prayed for you in your desire to be a mother, to welcome new life as Mary did this night. I asked our Lord to flood his love through you, to give you a desire for His will in this situation, to be able to discern how to get through the painful, soul-wrenching experience that is infertility. Then I asked God to help me pray for you. The image that came to me was that I was carrying you (as an adult carries an older child, with one arm under the knees and the other at the shoulders) – bringing you to Jesus for His healing. I knelt down with you and said something along the lines of ‘Lord, bless this woman. Although she is a stranger to me, she is my sister too. She is my sister through you and through infertility. Lord, you know of the pain and suffering this causes. I ask you to heal my sister – to heal her physically, emotionally, spiritually – to bring her deep healing in every way that she needs. I pray first for us to desire you, and your will in our lives – and I ask you to see this longing in her heart to be a mother, the longing of her husband, family, and friends – and I ask you will fulfill this desire for her, in whatever way builds your Kingdom in her heart, the heart of her husband, family and friends. Thank you for hearing my prayer.’

I feel that the Spirit is the one who really prayed this within my heart for you. I will keep praying for you and checking your blog.

I wish and pray that your Christmas and 2012 will be filled with God’s love, peace, and joy, and that your ‘tears may be turned into dancing … that the night may be turned into day.’


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