A thought on the epiphany – direction and travel

Just a quick thought – it must have been easier for the 3 wise wise men to follow the star at night. (I have read research about the possibility of a supernova explosion being visible from earth about the time we believe Christ was born, and this could well have been the Star mentioned in the Bible … this was a few years ago, and I think it was from a reliable source but I cannot remember for sure right now).

I don’t know, perhaps a supernova would be visible during the day as well. I wonder if they travelled by night (more sure of the direction?) or by day (safer traveling, easier to arrange buying food etc along the journey)? Anyway it seems to me that it may be easier to find our heading during the night, or the dark times of our lives. I know my faith has really been tested, but really has grown, during the difficult times. Or maybe this thought is with me to remind me to take time every evening to re-connect with my heading and direction for the next day … just to travel the next small distance that I can, regardless of the weather conditions or the friendliness of the people … and maybe to appreciate those who are traveling the road with me.


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