Q’s asked and answered: angels and prayers … also Prayer Buddies for Lent

I have missed blogging, but have put in a lot of typing time doing student report cards! I am into the last lap now, just needing to proofread, adjust, and give the OK for final print. Then admin will look them over and hopefully I won’t have any major changes.

So, I had a chance to meet with my parish priest a week or so ago. I have been going through some new stages along my faith journey, and (being Catholic) have started praying the rosary regularly, reading books about Medjugorje, and alot of things have me on fire with all of this! But I had some questions. I thought I would share the 3 burning questions and answers I asked.

1) When I pray, there are so many people and things I want to pray for. So, if I am saying a rosary or doing a bread and water fast (note: I have not managed to do a whole day on this yet, I usually eat a good supper, so I don’t think I’m doing it effectively yet!)- can I offer this for many intentions or should I narrow it down to one?

A – offer it for all the intentions in your heart. When we pray at church, we pray for all kinds of intentions (he pulled out a typical Sunday missal and supports his point). So if there is an intention in your heart, pray for it. – My concern had been wondering if it ‘dilutes’ the intention when there are so many things I want to bring forth. Some of the tops on my list: ‘conversion’ for all of us – meaning that we all have parts of ourselves that are not fully in God, so we still need help – and there are so many people in my life I love very much, who are not believers or don’t know or whatever, so this prayer is for them too! the souls in purgatory (I learned more about this from the Medjugorje books); my own personal stuff (DH to get a job closer to home, family, kids, my students, friends, neighbours, etc); healing; peace; for leaders and those in positions of responsibility …. well you get the idea. I am praying for lots and lots.

Q – What is the deal with angels? (this also comes from the Medjugorje books). I have read that we each have an guardian angel, and there are other angels too, and they like to be given projects and asked to do things. (one of my first thoughts was, what the h&!! kind of project do you give an angel!?) – A – our angel is like a partner, who is with us in all our good times and bad, and we can choose to greet them in the morning and say good night, and ask for help throughout the day. It isn’t like we are praying TO them, but more like partnering with them. They help us figure out right from wrong, etc. When dealing with a student or a situation that is tricky, I am sometimes taking a moment to ask my angel to help me figure out what is this really all about, what does the student need, how can I help them here? I have also asked my angel to talk to my students and family’s angels for particular things, etc.

Hmm, I know there was a 3rd question but I can’t remember it. I am just about falling asleep here, so if I remember it I will have to put it in another post. OH! It was about a scapular that a friend brought me from Medjugorje about 9 years ago. What does it really mean, what kind of commitment does it entail etc. I decided to think this over some more as I am not sure it is for me.

Also, if you are interested in participating in Lenten Prayer Buddies, Mrs. Henderson is graciously organizing again this year: http://thehendersonstory.blogspot.com/

On her post is a link for the prayer buddies that are specifically for those in the throes of infertility, adoption, etc, if that is a better fit for you.


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