The beginnings of an answer?

In my last post, I wrote about how I am struggling with maintaining a home given all the other demands of me at this moment in my life.  Two things came up today, which may perhaps be the beginning of an answer of how to handle things.

And, as I mentioned – I need to go back to flylady, start at the beginning, and just be patient.  

My friend sent me an email with this quote from Jean Vanier:  

We have to learn to draw on our suffering, distress and setbacks so that we can grow spiritually. It is so easy for us to get locked into frustration, anger and depression.
And then I had a chance to go to confession.  Fr D spoke of how times of desolation (and I guess my frustration and tints of depression about this ARE a kind of desolation) – that is the time we need to really dig in, dig deeper, not run away.  God is always with us; he is not playing at hide and seek; but there is a blockage there somewhere and it really calls on us to hang in there.
(deep breath)
Okay then.  Monday is back to the craziness of life including work.  I need to not run screaming from the sight of my kitchen or laundry pile!  I hope tomorrow I can at least set the roots in with a bit more determination to hang on.

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