Prayer buddy … help!  I am LOSING it over here.  Stress levels up, coping mechanisms down.  Things have gotten really interesting and uncertain at work, the hubs has away too long and I need him home, plus I have PMS.

that whole, you know, trust in God and try to live every day, every moment, being present and living in his peace and joy?  Offering up every small and big thing, thanking God for the blessings and not dwelling on the seemingly more easy life so-and-so has?  Turning to God when in trouble, as opposed to holding a pity party and pouring a glass of wine?

Yes, well – guess where I have been lately.  It’s not pretty.  

Please pray for me, to calm down and trust in God.  Please pray for my son, who asked me to pray for him that he feel less scared in the world (He has food allergies and has been afraid of lots of things lately.  I know it will calm down again eventually but it isn’t a good place for him right now either.  Add to that only mom at home, and mom stressed out too, and well, his life isn’t so easy right now either).

Thank you for your prayers. 


Prayer buddy …..


4 thoughts on “Prayer buddy …..

  1. Mindy says:

    Just stumbled across this and saw your request. I am saying a prayer for you right now.!

    • Andie says:

      Thank you! Things are better today, and I guess we will see how it all develops in the next while. I really appreciate your prayers 🙂

  2. Jewels says:

    I am sure that God likes parties. So call us over cause I LOVE wine : )
    It’s okay to ask for help. People used to ALL the time. We are all trying to be self-sufficient when God calls us to live in a community. Please, please, please call WHENEVER, you feel the need. And I will do the same, okay?

  3. Rebecca says:

    Sending prayers your way (and hoping that you have good wine! ;))

    Thank-you for your kind comment on my blog today – I appreciate it.

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