Little ‘look forward to’ moments in the days

This is just a random post about some of the things I look forward to in my daily routine.  Right now my life is really just too busy, and I want to be less busy, but while I am living this way at least I have some of these little moments.

– In the morning:  I now buy 10% cream for my coffee.  Yes, I do want to lose 5-10 lbs, and when I am really ready to do that, I may stop with the cream.  But for now, it helps to lure me out of bed in the morning.  (I am a night owl who loves being up at night and has a tough time getting out of bed, so a morning incentive is good).

– home made granola in the morning – another lure to get me going.  With DS’s nut allergy the purchased kind is not good for us … and this way I can make the granola how I like it.  I need something quick, fast, and easy and I get tired of boxed dry cereals pretty easily (usually have Cheerios, Rice Krispies, and possibly Shreddies on hand). 

– I now kind of like making the lunches in the morning.  I am not sure how that happened!  We have a really cool lunch box system ( – BPA free plastic – a blue box with different coloured containers that fit into it, so I can choose what colours I feel like that day and arrange things for a small enjoyment.  The box closes almost flush with the containers within, so you only need to put lids on liquidy stuff like yogurt – less lids to cause trouble.

– the commute to work.  In the morning, I sometimes listen to about 8 min of news (depends on how good my timing is).  The rest of the trip is usually in silence, and I pray.  I ask Mary and my guardian angel to hold my hands this day.  I pray the Our Father, line by line, pausing to think of what that line means this day, of the hopes, dreams, desires and needs in my heart for myself, the kids and hubby, the family (many of whom are agnostic or atheist), my friends, my students, my colleagues, my communities, the leaders in the schools that are part of my life, leaders in every position of responsibility (including myself).  I pray for healing for all of us.  I used to listen to the radio all the way for both commutes, but I find this time now to be really grounding.

Hmm … so now thinking about my routine at work, and I am realizing I don’t have many (any?) of these little moments there.  I enjoy my work, my students and colleagues.  But it is so very busy, and I guess I don’t have routines set up to give myself refreshment.  I know some colleagues who will leave the school to run out to Tim Horton’s, and perhaps that gives them a bit of a breather, but leaving the school property when I still have work to do just stresses me out!  I do have the routine of going to the bathroom every time we have a break (since I can’t just leave a class when I need to ‘go’!)

– the commute from work – I usually begin with listening to the radio (I’m a CBC fan) for awhile.  Somewhere along the way I give a quick thanks for the day and a short prayer ask for help for the evening, as it can be a challenging time when I am on my own with the kids, trying to fit in making dinner (usually consists of heating up or working with something prepared over the weekend), music practice, homework, bed time routine, get the kids to bed, then doing marking and prep work and getting to bed myself.  I hardly need mention that many, many nights just the essentials get done.  There is no time and I am too tired to get it all done all the time!  I don’t know why but on the commute home I really like to relax with the radio instead of having it more as a prayer time.  

– when I get in the door – I get the kettle on for a hot cup (or three) of red rose tea with milk.  ahhhh.

– often I will have a glass of red wine with supper 🙂  I guess I am rather food focused in my comforts!

– after the kids are ready for bed we usually all pile into my room together.  We chat a bit and say a decade of the rosary together.  Then it is lights out, and the kids snuggle with me and fall asleep while I say a full rosary (sometimes praying with the mysteries, sometimes focused on something – the other night it was ‘surrender’ so I was holding different passages in mind while doing my prayer, ie. ‘I am the handmaid of the Lord’ and ‘Take this cup from me, but not as I will but as you will.’ – that sort of thing.  It is a peaceful time and gives a bit of connection when the rest of the day seems to full of ‘hurry for this’ and ‘hurry for that’

– I do take a break to read blogs, to post, check emails etc.  This probably takes up more of my precious evening time than is wise.  It is seductive because it feels like ‘the one thing’ that I do ‘ just for me’ – if that makes sense.  I do question if it is really what I should be doing with my time.  Just typing out those justifications makes me think that if I need to justify it, I know on some level that it does not have quite the place it should in my life (more in control of me than I am in control of it, if that makes sense).

– after I’ve done what I feel I need to do, and can do, that night, I head upstairs to bed.  I find the whole night time routine of tooth brushing etc. to be comforting, and normally I am pretty excited to read a bit from the Bible or from the upcoming Sunday readings before going to bed.  I really look forward to that, then turning off the light, and being able to go to sleep.  

Until, of course, the alarm rings the next morning …. and, ‘up and at ’em’ as my parents would say.

I would love to hear what others do for their ‘little moments of the day.’  Also, do you have any ideas for what I could do at work to have that minute or two of grounding or pampering?  I guess I like spoiling myself every chance I get 🙂



2 thoughts on “Little ‘look forward to’ moments in the days

  1. Dear Surpriseofunfolding,
    I know what you mean, I live on a beautiful piece of land in rural Wisconsin. When the snow melts and spring emerges, we truly have some of the most beautiful flowers and foliage I have ever seen. In our front yard is a big flowering tree. Each spring, it blossoms with thousands upon thousands of little purple flowers. I imagine the pathway into Heaven must have these trees at its gates. At its peak, the tree actually sounds like it’s buzzing, because every bee within a 10-mile radius, seems to enjoy the tree as much as I do.
    Nice One!

  2. loribeth says:

    Hi there, hope you got my e-mail! : )

    I don’t mind my commute (on the train) either. I don’t especially like the mad dash to get to the station on time, or the crowds at Union Station… but (so long as it’s relatively quiet on the train), I enjoy having that time to either ease into my day or decompress on the way home… read my paper, sometimes stare out the window at the scenery (especially along the lakeshore). During the day, I try to make sure I take my breaks & lunch… even if it’s just running downstairs, getting my tea or a sandwich & heading straight back upstairs again. Even just a few minutes away from my desk is a stress reliever!

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