Prayer Buddy Reveals!

I have been honoured to pray for Kaitlin over at More Like Mary, More Like Me during this Lenten season.  I hope she will forgive my late reveal … to me it’s a bit like Christmas and I can’t wait to find out who was thinking of me 🙂  (which I will reveal a bit later in this post).

Kaitlin is one busy lady, with a beautiful little family with her DH and her new daughter. She is looking for discernment in the choices that will guide her and her family, so please think of her are a praying type of person.  I checked Kaitlin’s blog daily (I was sneaky and went in through misfit’s blog) and prayed for her during my morning commute – which is when I do most of my serious praying – and during my almost-daily rosary.

I thought it was really amazing that her particular blog popped up for me, as I had an interesting experience a few months ago that pointed me towards getting to know Mary better, and learning to pray with her and to her.  (I was in a time of feeling a disconnect in my prayer life so I prayed intently to Jesus to show me where I had gotten off track.  I had an image of Jesus taking my hand, walking with me over to Mary, and placing my hand in Mary’s.  Jesus said to me ‘I’d like you to meet my mother.’  Since then I have been seeking to know Mary better, to learn about how to pray to her and with her (I am Catholic so I know the ‘usual’ stuff, but I have been reading about Medjugorje, looking into the prayers I do not know so well, etc.)

And … I was excited to find out that Meg from  True, Good and Beautiful  was praying for me!  Thank you Meg for keeping an eye on me and helping me through some difficult times.  I really appreciate it and I look forward to getting to know you.  I said some prayers for you, even though I didn’t know who you were yet.  

These are the ‘little things’ in life that add some excitement and connection to our day to day journey.  A BIG shout out and thank you to TCIE and Mrs Henderson for putting together the prayer buddies once again!


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