I expect this blog will reflect the lenses through which I see the world – from four years of infertility, to reflecting on the present & past journey to know God and myself, to the current challenges of life – including being a mother of a food allergic child (tree nuts, eggs and fish).  I hope that readers from many different walks of life will feel welcomed, recognzied and respected here.

 The title of my blog comes from a poem by John O’Donohue and it feels so right for where I am right now:

I would love to live

Like a river flows

Carried by the surprise

Of its own unfolding


On posts that contain references to kids, I try to always put in the disclaimer (kids mentioned). On reason is that I tend to follow infertiity or childfree blogs. I started this as a way to help me cope and understand when a good friend and her dh chose the childfree route after IF treatments. I have every faith in them making the best decision for themselves, especially as they pray about all of these important decisions. However, it was a decision I didn’t really understand and I wanted to know more about it … and then I became involved again in the heartbreak and struggles of life through the IF lens.


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